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WODDice® The Heroes (Collector's Series)
WODDice® The Heroes (Collector's Series)

WODDice® The Heroes (Collector's Series)

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The Heroes is a collectible series that will showcase all of CrossFit's named Hero benchmark WODs. Each jumbo (36mm) 20-sided dice will be unique in design - with this first of the series being cast in Red, White, and Blue and has the first 20 Hero WODs that were added to CrossFit's list. Collector's Box is included!

In 2005 CrossFit introduced the first workout dedicated to a fallen US soldier. In time, these workouts would become known around the world as...The Hero WODs.

In remembrance of and in dedication to our fallen soldiers, and to CrossFitters around the US and the World, we created the collector's series The Heroes.


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