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WODDice® Mere Mortal

WODDice® Mere Mortal

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Developed in Salem, Oregon, by PhysEd founder Ed Weamer, the WODDice® bring an unpredictable—but fundamentally sound—new dynamic to your training program.

The best way to test your actual GPP is to see how your body responds to unexpected, changing variables in your workout. Like any roll of the dice, the WODDice® act as a randomizing tool, but rather than just showing numbers, the options on each of these 12-sided dice are specifically programmed around the same methodology taught during Level 1 CrossFit® certification courses. Everything from the allotted time, reps, and type of movement is determined by what you roll, creating over 2 million possible WOD combinations for endless new challenges.

WODDice® are available to order in three different set options.

WODDice® FIT: A basic 3-dice set for functional intensity training. Includes (2) Movement dice and (1) Reps dice.

WODDice® Mere Mortal: A complete 6-dice set, determining:

  • Dice 1 - Task or Time
  • Dice 2 - Number & Type of Movements
  • Dice 3 - 1 of 12 Bodyweight Movements
  • Dice 4 - 1 of 12 Weighted Movements
  • Dice 5 - 1 of 12 Mono Structural
  • Dice 6 - Number of Reps

WODDice® Firebreather (Advanced): Same 6-dice set as Mere Mortal, but with slightly more challenging time/task demands and movements.

Please Note: If you don’t have the equipment or ability to complete any of the random WODs generated, the downloadable instructions provided with the WODDice® will show you alternatives and substitutions to complete the task.


  • Created in Salem, OR, USA
  • 12-sided dice for random WOD generation, GPP testing
  • Includes downloadable instructions
  • Available in basic 3-pack (FIT), 6-pack (Mere Mortal) and advanced 6-pack (Firebreather)