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Movement Demos (All Dice)

There are a lot of movements on your dice and we understand that many may be unfamiliar to you, or you may know them by a different name. We've offered the alternate names when and where we felt there might be some confusion. We've also provided several variations of each movement where applicable so that you can mix things up to an even greater degree when you are ready. But we recommend that you start with the most basic version of the movement that is on the dice before kicking things up a notch.

Where applicable we have provided equipment suggestions and have provided video demonstration using each. That being said, we found that the Body Bar (also called Aerobic Bar or Weighted Bar) is the perfect tool to compliment the movements that are on your Full Throttle Dice, FIT, and Code Red sets. They come in a variety of weights, are padded for comfort, and will last as long as you do! You can find them here. And it looks like this: