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FULL THROTTLE: Instructions/Suggestions for Use

If you've already opened your set of Full Throttle WODDice® you'll have noticed that there are a LOT of movements, which means that there are also a LOT of possibilities! You may be asking, "Where do I start, how do I use them, and how can I incorporate them into my routine?"

All good questions. So let's begin.

 This page will explain and outline the following: 

1) Using your Full Throttle if you're already following a Strength Program.
2) Using your Full Throttle if you don't have a fitness program and want to start.
3) Fun ways to incorporate your Full Throttle dice in normal life that you might
    not have thought to do. 

But before we do, we'll explain...

...How the Dice Are Designed and Organized

There are 2 dice of each color (except the Reps dice which is one Black dice), and each color corresponds to a section of the body. Blue is Upper-body, Green is Core, and Red is Lower-body. There are 12 movements for each section of the body. They are divided between the 2 dice and then doubled. This improves the odds that most if not all of the movements will turn up in a given workout, depending on how many times you choose to roll. Obviously, if you only roll the Green dice and only once at that, you will not be rolling all 12 movements. 

You may choose to roll the Reps dice every time you roll the movements dice, giving you a nice variety in the number of reps of each movement. But you can also choose to roll the Reps dice once and let that be the number of reps for every movement you roll. 



Before we get to the list above let's talk about equipment. You'll notice at a glance that there are a handful of movements that are, by their definition, weighted movements. These are: Kettlebell Swing, Bent Row, Deadlift, Press, Push Press, Upright Row. The options for equipment are Barbell, Dumbbell, and Kettlebell and we have included linked video demonstrations of each on the MOVEMENT DEMONSTRATIONS page. But we have another suggestion that we think takes care of the weight, is minimalist and cost effective, and easiest to use. It's called the Body Bar, Aerobic Bar, or Weighted Bar. Different names but the same thing. We've looked at several and we recommend this one

Why do we suggest this piece of equipment? It's not the purpose of the Full Throttle dice to build significant strength. That should be done using a well-designed, progressive strength program separate from the dice. The Full Throttle workouts should provide enough stress to elicit modest strength gains while also providing intense conditioning. To achieve this you don't want to have to mess around with too much equipment because swapping out dumbbells and kettlebells and changing weight on barbells will make you take pauses in the workout and negatively affect the conditioning effect the dice are trying to produce. 

The Body Bar or Weighted Bar (at a weight of your choosing) is a simple, single piece of equipment that can be used for all of the weighted movements (except the Kettlebell Swing, but we have a substitution for that in the Movement Substitution section below) AND can also be used to add weight to other movements such as the Squat, Walking Lunge, Glute Bridge, etc. How great is that! Yeah, pretty great.

That being said, if you already own a light-weight barbell, a set of dumbbells and/or kettlebells, and don't want to invest in more equipment you should use what you've got.

Okay, on to the list!


Integrating the Full Throttle Dice Into Your Current Program

Strength is important and we hope that you are engaged in an intelligent, progressive, well-designed program. The Full Throttle is a great tool to incorporate conditioning and variety into that program. Using your dice will provide a mix of light resistance and body-weight conditioning that will improve your overall General Physical Preparedness or GPP while also supporting furthering your strength goals. 

There are several ways to use your dice and the more creative you are the more fun you'll have. Here are several ways to organize your Full Throttle workouts:

As Many Rounds and Reps As Possible For Time (AMRAP)

Decide on which section of your body you want to work. You can make it a lower-body day, an upper body-day, just a core day, or a full-body day. Then you need to decide on whether you will roll both dice or just one of the dice for the sections of the body you're going to work. Then decide on the length of your workout. We recommend a time range of 10-20 mins. Roll the dice you've chosen, along with the reps dice, once to determine movements and repetitions. Get set up, start a timer (most digital watches now have timers, but a kitchen timer will work too!), and cycle through the workout continually until the time is up. Record the number of rounds you completed. If you were in the middle of a round, also record the total reps of the last round you completed. 

Rounds For Time (RFT)

Decide on the number of rounds you want to do for the workout. We recommend no fewer than 3 rounds and no more than 7 rounds to keep the workout approachable. You may want to roll the movement/reps dice first and then, based on the number of mvts. you pick and what the Reps Dice deliver, decide how many rounds you want to program. For example: if you roll all the dice 5 times and the reps turn out to be 30 (yikes!) you probably won't want to program 7 rounds. Or maybe you're a masochist, and in that case please have someone monitor that workout because it will be INSANE! : ) 
So, make your decisions on mvts/reps/rounds, get the space set up, start a timer, and storm through the workout as fast as you can.


For this type of workout you will not roll the Reps DiceA Ladder is a cumulative rep workout with an established time frame. The reps begin at 1 and increase by 1 each round. So the first time through the movements, you will only do 1 rep, the second time through you'll do 2 reps. The third round will be 3 reps and so on, continuing to go up each time through until time is up. The challenge is to go as high as possible before the bell rings. 
To set up this workout, decide on the length of the workout (10-20 mins is good), then decide on the type and number of dice you wish to roll. Roll the dice chosen to determine the movements for the workout. Set up your workout space with necessary equipment (if any), set and start the timer, cycle through the workout adding one rep each time until the bell rings. Your score is total number of complete rounds.

10 to 1

For this type of workout you will not roll the Reps DiceSimilar to the Ladder, except you have a set number of reps starting at 10 reps and subtracting 1 rep each round until you've counted down and completed 1 rep of each movements.
To set this workout up, decide on the number and type of movements you want to use for your workout. You might just go with one section like Upper Body, or you might want to do a Full Body. Roll the respective dice and record those for reference. Set up any equipment you might need, start a timer and, as fast as you can, cycle through the movements doing 10 reps for each, then 9 reps for each and so on until you have competed 1 rep for each. Stop the timer and record your time.


A chipper is a fast and furious "one time through" workout. You will be rolling the Movement Dice and the Reps Dice. To set this workout up, decide on which dice you will roll. If you roll all 6 Movement Dice you will wind up with 12 total movements to complete, which is a lot, so you might want to roll just one of each or, if you want the workout to be specific for Upper/Lower/Core, roll one or both dice respective of the section of the body several times to come up with the movements. The total number of movements will depend on how much work you want to do and how long you want the workout to be. If you are just beginning we recommend 4-6 movements. If you are in great shape you might choose 6-10 movements. It's all up to you. 
For the total number of reps, your choice is to roll the Reps Dice once and have that be the number of reps for all the movements, or you can roll the Reps Dice for each movement giving you a variety of rep schemes. 
After you have determined the parameters of your chipper workout, set it all up, start the timer and storm through the list for time. 

Starting A Fitness Program Using Your Full Throttle Dice

Have you ever heard of a Couch to 5K training program for runners? They are a great starting point for those who have been sedentary for awhile and need a simple, easy to follow, progressive program to get back into shape or for those who are getting into shape for the first time. But these are running specific. So we've created a similarly designed program for General Physical Preparedness or GPP fitness. This provides full-body conditioning and strength. We call it Full Throttle Fitness Start-up and you can download it here.

Fun Ways to Use Your Full Throttle Dice

We are always on the hunt for fun and creative ways to use the Full Throttle dice, so if you've come up with a game or other fun ways to roll we'd love to here from you!

Here is one we've tried and we had a lot of fun:

Full Throttle Football

In this instance Football refers to both Soccer and American Football, but you can do this for any sport where people gather to commune and cheer on their team. For this game divide your group into 2 teams, and designate which team will represent which team of the sporting event you are watching. If you team scores you get to roll the Movement Dice of your choice with the Reps and the other team has to complete the movement(s) and reps. If the other team scores then they roll and your team has to complete the work.

Send us your ideas! More to come...