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WODDice® Full Throttle (BOX DAMAGE)

WODDice® Full Throttle (BOX DAMAGE)

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WODDice® Full Throttle advances our original FIT dice design and takes things to the next level! Created to compliment a well designed, progressive training program, our WODDice® Full Throttle pulls out all the stops and puts the pedal to the metal.


Be sure to check out our Full Throttle: Instructions/Suggestions for Use page, and download our six-week Full Throttle Fitness Startup program if you’re just getting into, or just getting back to a fitness routine!

What's included:

1 Reps Dice (Black)
2 Lower-body Dice (Red)
2 Upper-body Dice (Blue)
2 Core Dice (Green)
Round, padded, box for safe storage and travel.
Quick Start Guide (on bottom of the box)
Online expanded guide with demos of the movements.

Your set of WODDice® FULL THROTTLE comes with 1 Reps dice (Black), 2 Lower-body dice (Red), 2 Upper-body dice (Blue), and 2 Core dice (Green).  Each color has 12 movements (see breakdown below), doubled, and then divided between the two dice. For specificity, choose just one color. For full-body choose all three colors. You can roll one from each color, or roll both for a more intense and comprehensive workout.

Lower Body Movements: Squat, Squat Jump, Pistol Squat, Single Leg Bench Squat, Walking Lunge, Glute Bridge, Deadlift, Sumo Squat, Single Leg Deadlift, Jump Lunge, Toe Squat, Kettlebell Swing.

Upper Body Movements: Push-up, Dip, Hands Off Floor (HOF) Push-up, Dive Bomber Push-up, Pull-up, Upright Row, Bent Row, Supine Row, Press, Handstand Push-up (HSPU), Wall Walk-up, Push Press.

Core: Sit-up, V-up, Hollow Rock, Hang Tuck, Bench Curl, Bicycle, Russian Twist, Tea Pot, Plank Reach, Superman, Back Extension, Arch Rock.

Quick Start Guide
(located on bottom of dice box)

Time Orientation: 1) Decide on the length of your workout and set the timer. 2) Choose which dice you want to roll. 3) Roll the mvt. dice with the reps dice. 4) You can cycle through the same reps and movements for the duration, completing as many rounds and reps as possible in the allotted time, or you can choose to keep rolling and executing until the time is up, for added variation.

Task Orientation: 1) Decide on how many movements you want to complete. 2) Roll each dice with the reps dice and record each. 3) As fast as possible, complete the assigned task.