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WODDice Collection

Our WODDice currently come in 5 options. Two are designed for the CrossFit community: WODDice Mere Mortal and our WODDice Firebreather (which is for the advanced CrossFit athlete). 

In addition to these two versions, we offer WODDice FIT (Functional Intensity Training) which is designed for the general functional fitness enthusiast. It contains 3 dice - two movement dice and one repetition dice. For this version all you need is your body and a kettle bell, although you can also use a dumbbell if you don't have access to a kettle bell. And now we offer WODDice® Full Throttle, an expansion of our FIT dice. See the Full Throttle page for all the details.

Our WODDice® KIDS set is designed for use by parents, CrossFit KIDS coaches, as well as PE teachers in public and private schools.

And finally we offer WODDice The Girls. CrossFit is famous for their named benchmark workouts with Girl names. WODDice The Girls is one jumbo 36mm dice with 20 sides. There are 20 benchmark workouts with girl names and all are represented on our 20 sided The Girls dice.